eat, sleep, create | v.1

Some things in life make my heart sing; classical music, good books, prayer times with Jesus, photographing bitter-sweet and special moments, laughing, the endless pull and push of waves, the way a warm breeze pushes through curtains and anything to do with the arts - designing, decorating, composing, creating, crafting, painting and sketching.     

That's why I'm incredibly excited to announce that I've established the project 'eat, sleep, create': for every artist, these words are life's finest necessities in one sentence.

eat, sleep, create is a brand-new ritual project encompasses a world of artistic endeavours and encourages you to whip open your art box, spill a little paint and create more meaningful, emotional art work.
From photographic work to painting, composing music, making jewellery and cards, designing booklets and leaflets, decorating rooms, cooking, baking, sketching and essentially anything to do with being creative, eat, sleep, paint is an eclectic project that inspires, replenishes, invigorates and impacts myself as well as you.
For my first project I've created hand-made, water-coloured cards and two bookmarks with watercolour paper, yarn and various other bits and pieces. These cards are simple and easy to create, especially if you have materials on hand!  

s p l a t t e r  e f f e c t - here
s u p p l i e s  &  i n s p i r a t i o n - here and magazines
t o  u s e - your favourite yarn or embroidery thread, watercolour paper and a set of paints.

Which is your favourite card?

xx acacia