F E E L  the wind tumbling in wisps and circles, wrapping itself around me. a chill threading itself down my back as my feet slap the wet pavement.  damp clinging to me, shoulders drooped and hands clenched in the coolness.

S M E L L  cool, fresh, crisp, cold air and a homey wood stove scent.

T O U C H  soft and creeping kitty, half-cold mittens, puddles that gleam, snow landing delicately on long roads and zooming cars and branches and me.

H E A R  purr of cat, the whisper and push of a breeze and a bird cawing.

S E E  sun and light fading, darkness prevailing, a child bobbing up and down on its father's shoulders, street lamps standing tall and unwavering against a heavy deep blue sky, and a bus pushing and moving through the dark streets.

There is such beauty in life if we really search for the good and simple things in the everyday. 


Acacia TComment