I thought I'd always dislike any type of chocolate.  Snickers and Reese's Pieces were fine but dark or milk chocolate were clearly out of the picture.  And Nutella?  Oh, goodness - I didn't even go there.  Until...

Nutella was shoved around the table during breakfast time.  I was offered some but of course I said no.  Then someone said why? I responded with a chuckle saying, Well, because chocolate isn't my thing.  They told me I should try it anyway because was better than chocolate.  I sighed and resented.  Okay, but just a little I said.  They swerved the Nutella jar down to my end of the table and I scooped some of it out of the jar with my index finger and licked it.  And after that long and luxurious lick, I was surprised.

It was good; (really good).

And that, my friends, is how I came to love and cherish the wonderful spread called Nutella.  

Are you a fan of Nutella?

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