eat, sleep, create, v.2

 It was 9:00 on the night of February 25th and I desperately wanted to make or give something special to my parents for their anniversary, which was on the next day, but I had no idea what to make!

I wanted my parents to think back on their marriage; remember each year of their marriage individually, and scoop up memories and share them with us.

An idea popped into my mind.  Bunting.  17 pieces of bunting for their 17 years of marriage.  Hang the bunting over their bed.  Make a couple photo collages of them together.  

Using scrap paper for the bunting, coloured paper for the numbers, tape to hang it up and sticky tack to make the collage of photos on either side of their bed, I got to work.  To my surprise and relief, it only took about half and hour.  After running upstairs, and secretly decorating my parents bedroom with my sister, my project was nearly complete.

On the day of their anniversary, all 8 members of our family sat around in the living, pens and paper in hand, while mum and dad told us what they did each year of their marriage.  Year one; married, gave birth to Acacia, business started.  All the way to year 17; Caleb is born, Daddy is officially a doctor, the older girls complete music exams and obtain good grades.

This project brought back a lot of memories (and tears). I highly recommend that you attempt making this next time your parents' anniversary comes around!


ps  If you hovered your button over the photographs in this post, you probably noticed that you can now easily pin my photographs on to Pinterest; yippee!