c'est la vie

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it is life
i. growing by the windowsill
ii. fingerprint of childhood
iii. light spills
iv. sun kisses horizon
v. abstract flower 
vi. double exposure + outfit

I turn on the computer.  Click.  I hit the Google chrome web page and sign in to blogger.  New post.  I make a vain attempt at writing: I tap the keys several times before beginning (the words aren't coming to me).  It's certainly not easy to know what or how to write about life.   Naturally, I want to share the good aspects of my day; certainly you don't want to hear about my bad days. But I don't want to lie.  I want to be honest and truthful about my life in this journal of sorts.  

So I just wanted to let you know that my life isn't picture-perfect, even though it may seem that way.  I have a busy, slightly hectic life.  I have five siblings and live in a house with three bedrooms. I have far too many bad days. Often, I lack creativity.  For every good photo I post, at least 15+ photos were taken in order to get that 'perfect picture'.  And honestly, it's hard work being an artist, taking photographs, writing about life, and sharing it.  Despite all those factors, I love blogging to bits.  Because of blogging, it is my endeavour to create passionately and develop allusive, raw, poignant artwork and photographs.  

I can't thank you enough for sharing a little bit of my life with me. 

xx, Acacia     
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