eat, sleep, create, v.3 | spring edition

In the midst of daffodils blooming and breezes pushing through fresh white curtains, I've been painting with my favourite watercolour spring hues.  Although this is last years' watercolour, I have been working on another watercolour project (to be shared soon!).  

p a i n t i n g s

1) I copied Vincent Vangough's famous 'Sunflower' painting, using watercolours.  The end result of my painting ended up being no bigger than my hand; it's a quaint size and was fun to paint.

2) This is a watercolour I did in my moleskine.  After buying a few items of clothing at Gap, I was inspired by the clothes' vibrant hues and I decided to do a quick watercolour of them.  Encapsulating the colours of spring and transforming them into one's own interpretation is truly blissful and opens wide the doors of creativity. 

What do you think of the result? 

xo, acacia