Rachel is 17

Rachel invited me and some other girls along to her 17th birthday party.  Not only did she invite me, but she also asked me to photograph the occasion.  How could I resist?  Of course, I said 'yes!'.

We built a fort with newspapers (a favourite past-time), climbed a tree house, sat and nestled cozily under a gazebo and watched red flames lick the logs while rain drizzled down.  After paper was torn (presents revealed) and a scrumptious snack was devoured, we bundled up in our coats and slid on our shoes.  Most of us were on chairs by the crackling fire, roasting marshmallows on freshly-found sticks. A hazy deep blue pasted itself across the sky and firelight bled into the earth and illuminated our laughing faces.  Her party was lovely, spilling with light and laughter, good food and lovely people. 

In short, we had a very (very) good time. 

Acacia TComment