DREAMING of waves lapping up the seashore, the throb of the sun against my back, and my flip-flops sweaty and sticking, flopping and flipping on my feet.

EATING  I'm dreaming of ice cream and honey with maybe and apricot or two on top?

READING  having just finished A Room with a View, (which was brilliant), I've started The Scarlett Letter.

WRITING to a darling friend, Lindsey.

CREATING an adventure booklet -- a little collaboration Lindsey and I have been working on. 

FEELING  Sounds:  hush and thrum of the dishwasher and a fuzzed radio; the sight of books and papers and the feeling of legs crossed and back bent and a clock tick, tick, ticking engulfing every feeling.  Time edging away; the thrum of life, my fingers tapping at the keyboard, daylight fading.

Life around here is bustling; I just arrived home from a piano competition and our flight tickets to visit the US and Canada have been booked yesterday.  We're moving countries (more on that some other time!), and life has been full of plans in the process of being finalized.

What does life look like where you are?

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