I really should have explained all of this to you earlier, but now is better than later and here is the big news:

We're moving to Australia!  (This is where I insert far too many exclamation marks and a happy dance.)

 It's strange and exciting and confusing all at the same time, but it is God's will and we are (yes, really are) moving countries for the fourth time.  Already confused?  Well, my traveling life began in Canada, and we somehow managed to live in the US for around 10 years, and then we flew over to England and now my dad has been offered a job in Australia.  So, we're flying to Australia next Tuesday(!) and will live there for however long God calls us to be there. 

One more thing:  Are you living in Australia?  If so, please contact me me and let me know where you are and just maybe we'll happen to live near each other; wouldn't it be lovely to meet up? 

Let the adventure begin!
xx, Acacia

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