summer light and music (and a new design)

The sky is a deep blue, a yearning and pulsing and penetrating colour that is draped over us as far as we can see.  Tonight a chill runs down our spines and the wind is blowing shallowly through the open window screens and lightly fluttering the petals that have fallen off the rose bush.  Inside you may run down the hallway (turn left then continue straight) and push open my white door and fall (just relax and collapse happily) into my room because tonight it is comforting and warm in the room I call my own; the little lavendar-coloured candle I picked up at the bookshop runs unceasingly warm beside me but it is barely flickering, my typing (fast and clicking and light) is the only hurrying being in my room.  The little lamp pushes its shadows on to the creme walls; my back is slightly arched as I sit on my bed; I am leaning against the wall, my hair messily pulled into a high bun, while my feet dangle absurdly off my bed - they are getting tingly - and most of all Debussy music is playing; a wonderful, superb recording of D'un cahier d'esquisses played by Nelson Freire.  Shh, the little ones are going to bed and the fan is whirring and all is still and quiet. 

Just some musings and descriptions and jumbled thoughts on a warm summer night in Australia.  Also, I really (really) like summer light and piano music.  


PS I made myself a spankin' brand new design!  Yay (or nay)?

Acacia TComment