J U M B L E D thoughts

written on Saturday

Sometimes I'm organised and perfectly concise and chripy, sometimes I'm sloppy, sad, and feeling ugly and down.  Writing is like me, I suppose -- somedays it comes naturally, all happy and bright and clear.  Then on other days my writing is gloomy and wrinkled and undefined and crazy-all-over-the place.  So, sometimes I write and sometimes I don't - partially because of me and my pendulum-like personality (but that's just human nature I suppose) and partially due to the nature of writing (and inspiration, in general).

This morning I woke up and pushed myself deeper and deeper into my sheets (closing my eyes harder and scrunching up my shoulders while tucking my hands snug under my warm body).  Then I realised oh it's 8:30, I should really be up.  So I fluttered back my sheets and shivered as my fan blew a waft of cold air across the room, and pulled open the curtains; I expected a gush of warm, luscious light, a sky brushed with fluffy clouds. But no.  A simple grey and rather melancholy sky greeted me, beautiful nonetheless. 

For breakfast we ate pancakes drizzled with maple syrup and topped with a few banana slices.  After breakfast, I went through photos and locked a few thoughts into place (photography, buying Lightroom, finances, and more). 

I still don't know what I want to do with my life; sometimes I'm so certain that I want to study classical music that I practically scream 'YES' and then other times I shake my head and say 'No, I couldn't really - I'm an art and design and photography kind of girl.'   From the root that ties my heart to His, I trust God for His plan for me.  Somehow, through the cracks and crevices of my little life, God will orchestrate a plan - a wild, crazy, but good plan.  Somehow.

How are you feeling lately?


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