a recent photoshoot with this gorgeous chic.  simply can't wait to share the rest!

My blogging has been slightly spontaneous and infrequent lately.  So all the more reason that I should get back into a 'bloggging routine' -- a flowing and working schedule -- something which will enable me to post quality as well as a little more quantity. Maybe a giveaway and just maybe a photo competition, etc. will follow. We'll see.  

I wanted to simply begin this new blogging season with a Q&A (answers will be posted within the next few weeks).  So please comment below ask, ask away!  I can't promise to answer every question I receive, but if you would jot down a question or two about photography, blogging, life, etc. I'd absolutely love to hear from you.  

What to ask?  Almost anything, really; "What's your favourite colour?",  "What does life mean to you?", "Who do you admire most?", "If you could travel anywhere where would you go?" -- the list could go on forever. ;)

xx, Acacia

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