eat sleep create, v 11

Here's to doing something different for my eatsleepcreate project -- making something sweet and tasty rather than creating something crafty!   It's not always easy to make and eat something that is both deliciously sweet and healthy but this simple little snack of mine does the trick.  Bon appetite!

y o u ' l l  n e e d 

5 minutes to prepare 
3/4 cup of yogurt 
half a banana
a bar of chocolate
honey or syrup of your choice


plain yogurt with honey in a small cup or jug.


 raisins, almonds, walnuts, sprinkles, (whatever pleases your fancy) to the mixture.


Slice the bananas and layer on top.  
Grate chocolate and sprinkle.
Drizzle with maple syrup (or syrup of your choice) 


I'd love to know -- what is your favourite snack?