we are searching for light

1. spin, search, be.
2. the ocean waves - God's splendour displayed
3. seeking (plus pink boots and 2 cuties)

we are constantly trying to satisfy a need.  we buy more clothes, read more Facebook posts, watch more youtube videos, chase after the sun, flick through instagram posts, look at ourselves in the mirror, judge others (judge ourselves), go to bed too late, put things off, forget to pray, act lazy as if it was the only thing we're good at, stop reading our Bible, complain about almost everything   sure, we're not perfect, but we could be so much better.   so, so much better. 

ultimately, life is meaningless (Ecclesiastes) but that doesn't mean we can't pull ourselves together, get a grip of our lives, be purposeful, share Christ with others, put together timetables and search for love.  BE love.  dwell in His love.  write a to-do (and a not-to-do list) and place a mark in the world, taking slow, intentional steps.  join a new club, attend your church youth group, encourage others, begin a blog, write a post.  cry.  just cry.  the best is yet to come -- open up your heart to Him and surrender your all; ask Him to direct your days, your life, your heart. 

His purpose isn't always our will or way.  trust and follow - He alone is the authentic source of light, of beauty, of contentment, of spiritual fulness, of life.  the best is yet to come.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart...and He will direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5-6

...some late night rambles+thoughts.

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