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It's been a while.  Too much of a while, really.  Bus rides, university classes, family life, church groups, daily projects, university prep, sleeping -- so many things get in the way before I can even sit down and think about blogging.  But!  In Australia, we (or maybe just university students?) get a two week break.  That's right -- two weeks to think and relax and, in my case, blog like crazy.  
During the break, I'm planning to blog about style, art, organisation, simplicity, and life galore (also known as the 'BE project.  Some of these posts will be used in a university assignment.
 The “BE project” runs on this blog and presents an eclectic range of essays, prose and tutorials.   The project lasts 5 weeks, with two unrelated posts per week.  With photographs, drawings, ideas and revelations, I aim to invigorate and rejuvenate your creative energy as well as my own.  I encourage you to be simple, healthy, bold, artsy, brave, talented, organised, inspired, creative, stylish, and to do the impossible.

On another note, didn't Gracie do a fabulous job on my new design?

Here's to a month filled with fun and goodness! 
X acacia