Simple living is being intentional in what you do — choosing to do what matters, and cutting out the rest.  Stop worrying about tomorrow: now counts.  

Living simply isn’t a matter of doing; it is a matter of being.  Do: walk, pray, laugh, feel. Be: humble and quiet and intentional and grateful.  Living simply comes from within; once you are quiet and humbled, intentional and honest, then walking, praying, laughing and feeling will only come naturally.  Simplify by stripping your life to ‘essentials’ — eating, drinking, praying, loving, learning, then, if you deeply feel and enjoy each moment, life will unravel beautifully and simply.  

Let’s simplify life.

- Are there worries filtering through your mind? Stop them.  You can have control over them; it is wrong for worries to have control you. Live as if now was the only moment that mattered. 

- Learn to say 'no', even when it's hard to.  

- Choose walking, reading or creating over spending time on social media.  

- Write, think or talk for 10 minutes about your life now.  Study your life; what in it is unnecessary?  What are you doing — facebooking, shopping, worrying, procrastinating -- that gets in the way of more important things?

- Do but don't overdo; wise words by Alexandra Stoddard.

- Quit buying things you don't need and get rid of clutter.   Today, even, remove or throw out or give away 10 items from you room that you don't want or need. 

- Just do it.  Keep life simple by listening to (and obeying) Nike’s quote.

- A fresh coat of paint — anywhere or everywhere.  On your home, in your heart. 

- Say thank you for 15 things right now, the first 15 things that come to mind;  light, conversations, eyesight, tears, voices, sheets, laptops, words, travel, abilities, life, sleep, silence.  Say thank you for little things, the simple things.  They are the ones, after all, which add up to make your whole life. 

What do you do to keep life simple? 
  Have a beautiful day!  Acacia x