london (old photograph)

A confession + a few discombobulated thoughts.

 1. Confession: I've been trying to blog and failing.  If you follow me, you probably noticed a post in your dashboard which said I changed my blog url to  I changed it and still every post was directed to my current blog URL,  Ehh technology. 
And you may also have noticed that I posted a few frames from the first wedding I shot. The wedding's first-photographer then informed me that I couldn't post photos of the wedding till she had, so I had to take down the post.  Talk about blogging mayhem. ;)

2. I have four more weeks left until university break.  Four weeks?!  The semester just started.  Or didn't it?   There's eleven weeks until Christmas.  If that's not enough to scare you, we're welcoming 2015 in less than three months.  

3. I'm attempting to pull together future study plans and pondering moving abroad and doing a gap year. Or both.  (Suggestions, anyone?) 

4. Saving up for a Canon 5d Mark ii is harder than I expected because it takes an awful lot of self-control not to spend money on t-shirts, Birkenstocks, and Snicker's bars.  

5. Someone v special is going to be featured on my blog soon!  Can you guess who?  Hint: an 18 year old blogger/writer/photographer living in Uganda...

Have a wonderful day!  Psst if you drop me a note in the comment section, I'll say something lovely to you in return. ;) 

X Acacia