Each one of us owns a river of inspiration.  But sometimes that river is parched, empty, dry and dusty.  Is the river dry because every last drop of inspiration was swallowed, up and out?  Was inspiration left stagnant and unused?

Break boundaries, open up to the sea.  Your writing does not have to be ‘good’.  Write — complex, hilarious, simple, or mundane will do — but never let my writing has to be like this seep into your mind.  When what you do falls short of your expectations, and you claim you can’t do anything about it, you’ll most likely leave it be, only to become parched and dusty. 

Unlock your writer's block and freshen your mind by doing these things: 
take a brisk walk around the block

shut down your computer, hide your phone

write a to-do list and accomplish three things on it by the end of today

make these yummy pancakes

visit an art museum 

watch a good movie 

take one hour each day to do what you know you need to do but don’t want to do

complete tasks as if there were no tomorrow: ‘now or never!’

make yourself a delicious cup of tea or coffee 

What are you waiting for? Pick up that pen, pull out that keyboard, open up your laptop, smear that ink, tap those fingers.  And write. 
Acacia TComment