these days

I photographed a little, lovely & handsome newborn.  head on over to for more pictures. 
this post was inspired by this beautiful blog

making : blog posts
cooking : spaghetti with caramelised onion, kale, garlic and celery 
drinking : ice-cold water with a dash of sugar and a squeeze of lemon juice
reading : the little red writing book by mark tredinnick
wanting : desperately to buy a canon 5d mark ii 
playing : with the idea of moving to France
deciding : if I should write an essay or spend time on social media 
wishing : all my exams and assignments would *magically* finis
enjoying : warm air 
waiting : for a swim in clear water
liking : ecclesiastes 11:7-10 
wondering : what I will do this summer 
loving : The Great Gatsby 
considering : painting 
watching : that's what's up - lennon and maisy 
marvelling : at a clean home, fresh sheets, and a beautiful bouquet of flowers
needing : travel -- here, there, everywhere
smelling : summer, summer, summer
wearing : a shirt with a big front pocket and striped baggy shorts 
noticing : that 2014 has flown by 
thinking : I should probably go work on my essay 
sorting : too many library books 
buying : ahem - *saving* (5d mark ii - i'm going to get there somehow.)
bookmarking : gemma ward : summer wonder 
disliking : halloween (must agree with jodi on that one) 
giggling : at a crazy cute & blonde curly-topped 1-year-old brother 
feeling : like stretching 
hearing : distant piano music from living room 
looking : at my macbook air, fingers tapping, an empty glass on my desk

these days are stretched out with grey and bright skies and long books and bus rides and social media and tea cups and weak, sometimes exuberant, smiles: a last haul before this semester ends and summer is pulled into our arms.  

what are you up to?