THE BE PROJECT V.7 / be adventurous

Today’s BE project is slightly different; I share the story of our journey to Australia with you as well as offer travelling advice. 

 December 2013.

 "Two months ago we arrived in Australia.

 Our 21 hour flight was safe and smooth; we did took a layover flight to Singapore and it was lovely to have the journey split in two and adventure and explore.  

Singapore was brimming with an authentic Asian feel.  Small and clean cobbled roads were crammed with meat stalls and colourful booths selling Asian silks.  Singaporean noodles and sauces ribboned its smell across the streets.  Humid mists lazily floated and palm trees wavered in the midst of a booming city.  The city dazzled with lights, sky scrapers, endless roads, flashing advertisements and bright yellow taxis.  Unfortunately, one out of the two days we spent in Singapore were spent being terribly sick thanks to greasy Singapore food and jet lag.

Today we’re in Australia and it’s 87 degrees fahrenheit.  We’re on the other side of the world, enjoying a repeat of spring and summer, but Christmas won't be Christmas without snow, sleds, cold and hot cocoa.  Despite the heat waves, it is nice to leave the dampness, rain, and chill of England behind.

Since our arrival in Australia, we've seen many weird and wonderful creatures.  We were driving around in a suburban area and my 9 year old brother spotted a huge lizard (20 inches long) in the middle of the road; my dad screeched the car to a halt and we pulled over on the side of the road.  A few brave ones clambered out to have a peek; unfortunately, the poor lizard was almost dead (let’s not get into the gory details but the lizard was still rolling his eyes).  This past Sunday, as we were enjoying a Sunday drive in a rural part near us, a joey was meandering around in the field right next to the road.  We all oohed and awwed through the car window, even managing to wake Caleb, our baby brother up, in our exclamations of 'Oh, the joey is just! so! adorable!".  My favourite creature was the koala, who, in a completely ordinary neighbourhood, was sitting high in a tree with his legs crossed, his arms hanging on either side of him, and his eyes slightly closed.  I imagined him reviewing The New York Times and sipping a cup of coffee, which was totally applicable to him.  Another not-so-nice instance involving creatures consisted of a broom, a very nervous and frantic me, and a hairy thing with eight legs.

We've been in Australia for two months and are slowly settling in - we've found wonderful community groups, met fellow homeschoolers, been to the beach, familiarised ourselves with a few local neighbourhoods, swam in a pool and the ocean, learnt a few Australian catch-phrases, and tried kangaroo meat!"

BE ADVENTUROUS >> some travelling tips 

-- Trying to figure out what clothing to pack?   Start from the top of your body and go down, figuring out which items of clothing or accessories you’ll need as you do so.

-- Carry an easy-read book or magazine along with you. The Great Gatsby, When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit, Be the Miracle and The Great Brain are a few of my favourites. 

-- Moisturise your skin; flying for many hours dries out the skin (I recommend Nivea or Nuetrogena cream).  Drink lots of water as well. 

-- Take 500mg of Vitamin C to help fight off any germs (you can buy a bottle of vitamin C for a cheap at almost any supermarket) 

-- Plan ahead of time; stay within your budget and know what you want to do and where you want to go. 

-- Document your journey through text and photographs. You won’t regret being able to look back and remember little moments from your travels.  

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