I am an artist and a story teller - photographs are my canvas, my pages and my words - and I believe in celebrating each individual, each couple, each family's story .  

  Your story.  Threads of moments which amount to what makes you or your family you: These are the moments are often left unremembered and slip away like the wind.  Yet they are the moments which should be known, treasured, remembered, embraced and captured.  

To photograph the soul and meaning of love reflected by a tender look in her eyes, or honest, loud laughter, the wonder and the joy of a couple, a family, an individual - it is one of the most vulnerable yet rewarding tasks - to give you memories, moments, and stories that will last a lifetime.

Wrapped into every moment, even now, we find stories - perhaps one of sadness and love, laughter, wonder, heartache, or a combination of all life’s messiest and most beautiful moments.  

I believe photographing a wedding is encapsulating and capturing how you felt, perhaps the look in the groom’s eyes - the window into his soul - as he sees the bride for the first time in her dress, the tears that well up during speeches, joy and nostalgia and celebration. To capture present, real, raw moments, not staged, staggered, abrupt - that is my aim.  To encapsulate the beauty, the wonder, the wholesome, deep love of your day.  I weave myself into the fabric of your wedding celebration - the joy, the laughter, the excitement and it is my hope to capture that euphoria as best I can using photographs. 



'Manifesto' text courtesy of Meg's beautiful text -