do you offer albums?

Certainly!  I print through Atkins Lab based in Norwood, SA who offer beautiful fine art, hand crafted albums.  Either you can order through me to create and buy albums and prints, or, after you have received you photos in high-resolution you can arrange a meeting with a designer at Atkins lab and they will help you design and personalise your album.  Alternatively, you're welcome to print using any photo lab, but to ensure the best quality I highly recommend using Atkins :) 


 how will we receive our photos? 

 Your photos will be displayed in a beautiful online gallery where you will be able to view, download and share the photos with family and friends - there is an option to view your family or portrait session or wedding as a slideshow and individually mark photos as private.  If you booked the 'Dream' wedding package, you will receive a USB packaged and mailed to your home - and if you have ordered them, an album and prints as well!  


do you offer hourly wedding coverage? 

My smallest wedding package is 4 hours of coverage; get in touch (acaciatrenholm@gmail.com or through my contact form) and I'll flick you a full pricing guide!  


 when will we receive our wedding photos?

Typical turnaround time is 6-12 weeks; however, during a slower wedding season (winter or December/January, photos will be delivered typically within 4-6 weeks).  Sometimes it's a little longer or a little shorter depending on life circumstances!  I'll keep you updated :)


What gear do you use? 

I love ensuring the absolute best quality for my clients: Currently I shoot with a Canon 5d Mark iii and an array of top-quality, excellent prime lenes (the Sigma 35mm 1.4 is currently my favourite!) 


Should we arrange a meet-up before the wedding?

Certainly!  This is one of my favourite things to do with clients - we meet at a cafe, restaurant or bar, chat, discuss details of the wedding day and get to know each other. If you're thinking about or hoping to confirm a booking, it would be lovely to meet up for coffee to chat about your wedding day and view more of my portfolio - with no obligation to book.  If for some reason you're unable to meet-up in person, I'm happy to Skype, call or FaceTime.  


Do you have back-up equipment? Yes! 


How do you edit your photographs?

I edit to reflect the essence of the moment I photographed, keeping as close to the original image as possible.  I use VSCO to edit some of my photographs as well as presets I have developed on my own, specifically created for your set of photographs.  I make minimal adjustments to shadows, curves, highlights, etc. and edit with the aim that my images will be minimalistic, fresh, modern, timeless and capture the beauty of the moment. 


Do you organise group shots on the day?

Absolutely! Around three weeks before the wedding, send a simple list of the family and group shots you would like. I suggest giving a copy of the group shots to a close friend or relative — someone who knows most of the people in the group shots — so that they can point out the people I need to bring into the group shots on your wedding day.


Can I book an engagement session? 

Pick a date and if I’m free, let’s do it! You’re welcome to have your engagement session at any time before your wedding date. Engagement sessions are complimentary to the ‘Dream’ Package (email me and I'll give you a brochure!) but if you would like to book one with any other package, the cost is $275 and that includes 70 digital high-resolution images.


Will you provide RAW photos?  

My style is reflected is in the editing of my photos and plays a large part in my role as a photographer.  Additionally, I love to present the images to you in the best way possible -- not a collection of images with a handful of of RAW images which are blurry or with eyes blinking, etc.  Images will be given to you in high-resolution and you can share and print them as you wish but I don't provide you with a the RAW images from the day :) 


What if it rains?

 Clear umbrellas, lots of trees and a plastic bag to protect my camera and we're set!  Rain can result in really gorgeous, emotion-filled images and a memorable day - in the very best way possible. 


 Do you second-shoot?

Occasionally!  A few images in my portfolio were taken when shooting alongside Scout @ Whitewall Photography.  If you're hoping to have a second-shooter on the day of your wedding, get in touch and I can arrange to have an additional photographer for your day.


 Will you help scout locations?

 I am more than happy to.  If I haven't visited a spot I'll be shooting in and it is relatively close by, I'll make every effort to visit there and plan a few beautiful spots to take photographs at.  I'm also more than happy to make suggestions if you're unsure where to photograph on the day.


What do I need to do to confirm a booking?  

Drop me a message through my contact form or email me (acaciatrenholm@gmail.com), and once we've chatted a bit, to formally confirm booking, 50% of the package should be paid at the time of booking; the balance will be paid at least 7 days before the wedding and the fee can be transferred through online bank transfer. 


And the best way to keep in touch? 

Email is the most organised and practical way to keep in touch (contact me at acaciatrenholm@gmail.com) Depending on your preferences, I’m also happy to keep in touch through messages over my photography business page (facebook.com/acaciarachel). Also feel free to call or text me at any time on 0431 846 857


Have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to ask!  Hop on over to my contact page or email me at acaciatrenholm@gmail.com